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Dr. Baburao Patel, was not only a brilliant writer but also a seeker of knowledge and in  the early forties, he mastered the art of healing the sick through Homoeopathy and made me also a homoeopath alongside with him.  Together we started the Mother India Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd in 1973 with our long first hand experience of patients in hundreds.  Mother India Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. is now well-established, not only in Indian cities but also has users in other parts of the world.
At 93, I am still under the spell of MIP Products to keep me physically fit and mentally active.  I never miss MIP Shiv Shakti  tablets.  They are the secret of good health.  People often wonder at the number of various things I do in a day, apart from singing and teaching music and organizing musical  concerts.  When my friends want to know the secret of my smooth complextion, my reply is "Moonbeam Cream".  For a back pain only caused by undue strain, only "Magic Touch" is the cure.  As regards "Life Saver" it is always in my handbag.  "Cosmic Saver"  for the hair is another delight.  The list is endless.
Dr. U. Ravi Rao, my nephew, is full of ideas, and an expert pharmacologist. He has been assiduously  trained  in homoeopathy, learnt under Dr. Baburao Patel. I  wish and pray for his success.
MIP has a wonderful future for MIP Pvt. Ltd. to spread its wings far and wide with this website. Heartiest congratulations for this interesting website.
Dr. Sushila Rani Baburao Patel 

Dr.Baburao Patel's book of "Homoeopathic Life Savers" and remedies are well known. In fact, they make him immortal. I have been using these remedies for a long time. Some of them are remarkably effective. 
His "Shiv-Shakti" is for vim, vigour and vitality. It is a boon to every man, woman and child. "Moonbeam" is an all purpose complexion cream and a face beautifier. My wife Savita uses "Magic Touch" to get relief from knee joint pain. Reports say both "Eye Bright" and "Tonsils" are a blessing. Personally, I rate "Life Saver" as the best product which indeed meets 100 emergencies. It is like having a doctor in our pocket, especially while travelling. I pray to God that this unique remedy will be available in every home, in every country in the world. For this great humanitarian noble work, we are eternally grateful to Girnar Mother Dr.Sushila Rani Patel, the woman behind Dr.Baburao Patel's pioneering work of 50 years healing experience. Heartiest greetings to the family of Dr.U.Ravi Rao for taking over Mother India Pharmaceuticals and continuing the show with improvement.
K.B. Lal

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